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Draft Example Idea for Rustler Live Action Trailer

Dear Dolphfragen Team,

I have create a draft track for your live action trailer. Please note that this is just one idea and may not fit your expectations in terms of style as of course we have not had a discussion about it. Having listened to the examples you put on, I noted that they included some medieval type instrumentation plus some modern elements. In this case I have gone for a choir with an electronic "grime" music type beat. I have then included some other example elements such as strings, bass recorder and dulcimer. However I could have just as easily worked towards for example, a more rocky style, or more hip-hoppy or more medieval classical, or even a more folky style with violin and mandolins. (I am a violinist). It could have gone in any directions so please don't let this example limit your view on what I could do for you, but it does give you an idea of what I can make in 2 hours as a quick draft. With a budget and more time available, and a discussion with yourselves, I would of course produce something of yet higher quality, detail and to brief.


I have also included some other tracks in this playlist which I had in my catalogue and lend themselves to a slightly medieval quality in some ways. 


Thanks again for taking the time to read and listen and hope to hear from you soon.


Best wishes. 

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