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Documentary Music
Celtic Fiddle
Sound Design Examples
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Jazz Violin
French Riviera Swing
Electronic / Orchestral Fusion
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Reggae & Ska

Terms of Use:


All tracks are cleared for use. I own 100% rights to all tracks except the collaborations which are a 50/50 split between the two composers, myself and  Andrew McCrorie-Shand.


All pieces are composed by me except the Celtic violin tracks which are traditional and in the public domain.  All tracks are produced by me or in collaboration as stated.  

Some of the tracks have been used by me. These can be included in your Library so long as you can allow the following alternate uses by myself:

- The triphop collection Leaving My Trace was composed for a circus show which might perform again in the future and will also be released by myself in 2021. 

- The choral track Psalm 28 has already been released on streaming platforms independently by me.

- The jazz violin piece Workshop Studio, I composed for a video which I have released on YouTube.

- The funk & soul piece, Wrap Up Warm is a piece also due to be independently released by me.

- The electro/orchestral piece Westworld is used on an example video on my website.  

- The documentary music Hong Kong was used by a small independent documentary. 

All these tracks are available to licence if you can accept the listed uses. 


If you like the feeling of any of these particular tracks but would prefer exclusive use, I would be happy to write new tracks in a similar style.   Some of theme will need adapting for library uses in any case.



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