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Corporate & Commercial Work

Whether it's an emotional response, an action or the taking in of information that you are trying to elicit from your audience, the music is essential. As a composer I work to your brief to create the perfect bespoke music and/or sound design for your film.

Music and sound design for:
  • adverts
  • pre-rolls
  • information films
  • company films
  • commercial radio
  • audio branding

Creative possibilities include:​

  • Original sound design, musical theme or ident for your brand.

  • Pastiche of a particular musical genre.

  • Neutral music designed to hold the interest of the viewer in order to impart information.

  • Music or sound design to inspire an emotional response.

Case Studies:

A short information film commissioned by Arts Council England with graphics by Zuhura Plummer, Ben composed and produced this bespoke music to support the information being conveyed. This film aims to describe Arts Council England's investment principals for their strategy "Let's Create" for 2020 to 2030, to organisations and individuals who might be applying for funding. 

Arts Council England
'Let's Create' Strategy
Information film

This music was designed to support the voice over, bringing interest and an inspirational feel to the information being put across. It is also electroinc and has a modern sound, to help convey they idea of moving forward into the future. 

The Law as a Tool for Social Justice
Information films

This series of three films by Ross Harrion with graphics by Zuhura Plummer was commissioned by Just For Kids Law, an organisation that works to ensure young people's legal rights are respected. These films are aimed at charities who want to learn about "strategic litigation" - using a legal case to create a change in the law for the common good.

For the music composition brief, it was important to create a track that helps to draw the listener in and keep them attentive on what can sometimes be quiet a dry subject with a lot of complex information being put across. The music had to have a neutral emotional feel but with a subtle element of building up and down with the ebb and flow of the story. It also had to not distract from the film whilst helping to retain viewers interest. 

EyeDream Advert
Facebook ad

This 90 second ad was produced by ChalkStar Films. Providing information about a new technology, this ad does this through the inspirational story of Charlie Emmett, a water skier with autism. Charlie uses the new type of contact lense developed by EyeDream to partake in water sports without the need to wear the contacts whilst doing so. 

The music composition brief was to create an uplifting, emotional and epic track emphasising the inspirational aspect of Charlie's story. This story told through music, visuals and Charlie's VO then delivers the information needed about the EyeDream contact lenses to the listener. Charlie himself is a fan of bold, confident rock music and so that was the genre chosen by the production team for me to pastiche.

WaveGo Advert
Facebook ad

This 90 second ad was also produced by ChalkStar Films. Providing information about a new light detection technology, this ad is about inspiration and innovation. This is a targeted ad for a specific professional market. The music brings an awe inspiring feeling to the almost poetic narrative.

Password: LightMeasurementOnTheGo

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