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Film Sound

Ben Mowat is an expert in audio recording and post production. He is a trained sound engineer having focused on recording and production skills at both degree and masters level.

With 15 years studio recording, audio editing and music production experience, Ben has now branched out into on-set sound recording, audio post production, foley creation, sound design and audio clean-up.

Ben works from his home studio where he has access to the latest audio editing & post production software tools including iZotope RX, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Kontakt Sampler and Divinci Resolve, as well as a large array of professional plug-ins, sample libraries and virtual instruments. He also has his own library of sampled material which has been built up over years of audio work. 


Location Sound Recordist

As a location sound recordist/sound mixer, Ben has the virtues required to do the job, and do it well. These include: 


  • excellent technical knowledge

  • in depth recording experience

  • good on-set experience

  • excellent interpersonal team skills

  • good understanding of film production

  • patience, determination and a high drive for quality

  • willingness to learn & continue to develop

Past projects include:

As principal sound mixer:

Audio clean-up, post production & mixing:

Film Sound Mixer

Testimonial, Martyn Chalk (Chalk Star Films):

“Ben fits well into a team, stays professional throughout and is extremely conscientious” 

Sound Designer

Post Production Sound Designer

Ben Mowat is currently working as audio editor and sound designer / foley artist on two films  in the making including Oxford film company Chalk Star Film's first feature Time Out.

Recording Session with Ben Mowat - Photo
Audio Clean-Up

Audio clean-up & editing

Sometimes in film, things don't always go to plan. Audio

captured on set might arrive in the post production studio with

problems, whether due to technical difficulties, challenging

climatic conditions or unwanted background sound.

Ben Mowat is a highly skilled and experienced audio editor with the know-how and powerful professional software required to fix and improve your production audio. His experience in this area includes:

  • Documentary: Defenders of the Spirit Forest fixed problems with audio due to high humidity levels on location in the jungle causing equipment failures, high levels of background noise such as motorbikes. 

  • Short Film: Running Club repaired and improved on-set audio problems giving dialogue and important background sounds more clarity.

  • Corporate videos with film maker Harry Pill: bringing clarity and consistency to interviews.

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