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String Quartet Fusion Album

Examples and draft mixes

Album Concept:

  • String quartets plus other instruments written by Ben Mowat

  • instrumentation often includes piano, drums with some vocals and 1 song

  • Music threads: folky, funky/rhythmic, atmospheric moments

  • An abstract story, no defined narrative but the listener can construct one

    • Could I link this with some visual ideas for the videos? Like a film

    • Could i write a loose narrative that fits the tracks?


Album tracklist

Track Name  - instrumentation

  • work still to do

    • Description


  1. Quartet 2004 - string quartet + drums

    • review, tidy mix, master

      • Folky, modal, rhythmic, work between string quartet and drum part composed in collaboration with drummer, build ups and drop downs

  2. Ellipsis - wine glasses + vocal harmony + string quartet

    • review, mix, master

      • Starts with wine glasses and an atmospheric church sounding choir, then onto some forboding strings

  3. 6 Is The Magic Number - string quartet + piano

    • review, tidy mix, master

      • 6/8, spritely minor melodies with driving rhythmic spine

  4. Maybe Epic Soon - V1 = string quartet      V2 = string quartet = drums     V3 = string quartet + beatbox  

    • review, tidy mix, master ….

      • thematic , memorable melodies over arpegiated semi-quaver backing, moments of rhythm and calm which then gradually builds back up 

  5. The Two Magicians -  string quartet + piano + duet male&female voice

    • review and attempt to fix tuning problems, if not, re-record, mix master

  • the only song… does this work on same album

    • Words from an english folk song, arranged for male and female vocal duet over a compelling string backing

  1. Shape - string quartet

    • master

      • Contemporary music, string quartet only, based on concept of drawing shapes across the staves on the master score buy inputting notes but without any consideration to which notes by “randomly clicking”.. These randomly generated ideas are then have composed elements added.

  2. String Thing Movement 1 - string quartet + piano + drums

    • mix afresh with updated production skills, master

      • Very rhythmic, lots of exciting changes and build ups, includes many interesting effects including cymbal scrapes, pitched harmonics, playing with bow upsidedown, col legno, etc

  3. String Thing Movement 2 - string quartet + piano + drums

    • mix afresh with updated production skills, master

      • This is more of an interlude as the original piece doesnt really have structure. Separate parts can maybe be used as several interludes 

  4. The Lost Dream - string quartet + piano …..

    • Could have drums added? Re-record OR fix tuning problems with iZotope or melodine

  5. 3 minute piece for Clarinet, horn, violin, cello & harp

    • maybe loose the clarinet? - draft 1 stage, edit arrangemnt, record, mix master

  6. Great (ing) Sounds

    • some instruments need recording, mix master

  7. Write a new piece

  • compose from scratch, score, record, mix, master


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