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Here you can listen to & watch Ben Mowat's past projects.

Click "Library Music Catalogue" to hear tracks available to be licensed for film & media projects.

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To listen to the track and my interview about it go to: and skip forward to 43 minutes in 🙂

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Ben Mowat conducting a recording session

Click to listen

Honey the Badass Single Mum LeopardBen Mowat
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Sheet Music

"a diverse portfolio for a diverse world"

With a deep passion for the richness and diversity of culture and the arts, I have an interest in all forms of music and sonic arts. I have my areas of specialism for sure, such as violin based music of all kinds including British folk music as well as chamber and orchestral music often with prominent use of strings, music for choir, experimental electronic etc, so if you're looking for something like that then great but remember that I am a specialist in sound, with an imaginative ear, so  if you don't hear what your looking for, let me make it for you! For example I love to get involved in sound design, or a genre that I have not yet explored, and especially interesting fusions and crossovers. I am also a specialist in music research and stylistic learning - I have 2 degrees in music - so challenge me and tell me what you want! Or if you're not sure yet, then let me know what you're thinking about, and we can come up with ideas, I can be your music researcher, and work in the style most appropriate to your project. I'm happy to add a little original flare in to give it a unique twist, but that's purely optional! I'm looking forward to receiving your call!


Ben Mowat is available for bookings and commissions and works in the following areas:

Composition for Film & TV

Image by Denise Jans
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Audio editing & clean-up

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Production Sound Mixer


Music for video games


Music Production

& Mastering

Recording Session with Ben Mowat - Photo


& Events 

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